Traditional Art

The Swan Coach House Gallery presents traditional and decorative fine art in our “Traditional Works” gallery and gift shop display area. This is designed to complement and yet offer an alternative to the art in the main gallery which exhibits modern contemporary Southern art. For many years, we have casually displayed and sold a flow of local traditional artworks ranging in price from $100 – $3,000 with enthusiastic patronage from our community.

ARTISTS on consignment: Wendy Adams, Nancy Armstrong, Katherine Bell McClure, Dorothy Boynton Crawley, Clyde Draughon, Terry Gibson, Beth Henson, Regina Holderness, Wendy Jackson, Karen Lawrence,  George Netherton, Billy Parker, Cynthia Perryman, Suzie Schultz, Jane Scott, Janet Suarez, Suzanne Sullivan, Marie Weaver, Debra Williams, Fred Wise. . .and more to come!